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The most stunning St Barths beaches



Located in the Caribbean, the island of St -Barts in the French West Indies is highly prized for its magnificent white sand pristine beaches. Vacationers come to discover translucent waters and enjoy very pleasant temperatures, between 24° and 30°. The large beaches of St -Barths are ideal both for those who wish to take a relaxing break under the palm trees and for nautical activities lovers, such as diving, jet skiing or kitesurfing.


Discover our top 11 of the most beautiful beaches of St. Barts, located very close to our luxury villa rentals.


Family beaches on the St Barts island 



Flamands Beach

    Flamands beach 

Flamands Beach is the largest white sand beach in St Barts. Located in the northwest of    the island, the sea is often rough, with waves that can be intimidating but not that dangerous. This beach is ideal for a nice walk along the water.


 Nearby restaurants: La Langouste (Creole and lobster dishes), the Cabane du Cheval Blanc (meat and fish) and Chez Rolande (Creole dishes).



Lorient Beach

Lorient beach 

An amazing white sand beach, mostly visited by locals for its calm and tranquility. Lorient beach is a very popular surf spot where you can take lessons. This beach is also ideal for snorkeling. It is in the Lorient neighborhood that you can find the cemetery where the singer Johnny Hallyday is resting.


Nearby restaurants: Jojo Burger


Shell Beach - St Barts Beach


Shell Beach 

Shell Beach is a small beach located in Gustavia, where it is possible to jump from the rocks. On its expanse of sand, you can admire so many different shells, hence the name "Shell Beach". This beach is ideal for diving, swimming and snorkeling.


Nearby restaurant: Shellona (restaurant of the Lucien Barriere group)


Beach of Grand cul de Sac


The beach of Grand Cul de Sac 

Magnificent turquoise water lagoon, where you can observe sea turtles and do many nautical activities (kite surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, etc.). The beach of Grand Cul de Sac is calm, relaxing and feels like heaven.


Nearby restaurant: Rosewood Le Guanahani hotels (seafood), Sereno (Mediterranean cuisine), Le Barthélémy (French cuisine)



Saint Jean beach

The beach at Saint-Jean airport 

A pretty white sand beach mostly visited by tourists, with many water sports (windsurfing, surfing, paddle…) and a restaurant to eat on site. The Saint-Jean airport beach is ideal for a convivial moment with friends or family.


Nearby restaurants: Pearl Beach (French and Caribbean cuisine), Lil Rock (grills), Eden Rock (gourmet cuisine)



Saint Jean Pelican beach

The beach of Saint-Jean Pélican 


A very nice family beach to spend a quiet moment. Saint-Jean Pélican Beach is protected from wind and waves, making it an ideal place for swimming and for observing sea turtles.

Nearby restaurant: Nikki Beach (international cuisine) where you can meet the “jet set”




Wild beaches on the island of Saint Barthelemy 


Colombier beach

Colombier beach 

It is often said that Colombier beach is the most beautiful in St. Barts. This protected beach will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to walk, from Flamands to Anse Colombier. This beach makes it easy for anchor sailboats and yachts. Snorkelers can observe a wide variety of fish and some sea turtles. The former Rotschild family villa is located on the hill of Colombier Beach.


Nearby restaurants: La Langouste (Creole and lobster dishes), the famous Hôtel Cheval Blanc with its restaurant (meat and fish) and Chez Rolande (Creole dishes).




The Gouverneur beach: 

L’Anse du Gouverneur in St Barts is a magnificent wild beach. Its expanse of white sand and crystal clear water are worthy of a postcard landscape. Located in the south of the island, Gouverneur beach is easy to access and uncrowded.


Nearby restaurant: Santa Fe (burgers and French cuisine with ocean view - located at the top of the hill 5 minutes by car)



Salines beach

Les Salines beach: 

Les Salines is the second largest beach on the island of Saint Barthelemy, after Flamands beach. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to relax, Les Salines beach is ideal. It is a very wild beach with pink sand, the sea is often rough.


 Nearby restaurants: Grain de Sel (Creole cuisine), Esprit (gourmet cuisine), Tamarin (gourmet cuisine)




The beach of Petit Cul de Sac

Petit Cul de Sac beach is a magnificent lagoon, between rocks and white sand, where you can observe sea turtles. It is also a "hidden" surf spot when the sea allows it. This small beach is very quiet, almost deserted and not very known by tourists.


Nearby restaurants: Hôtel le Toiny (fish and grills, 5 minutes by car), or Grand Cul de Sac hotels



Toiny beach


Toiny beach

A beautiful wild beach surrounded by a rocky landscape and ideal for surfing. However, swimming is not recommended because of the strong waves and the water flow. A walk to Anse Toiny will delight lovers of wild landscapes.


Nearby restaurants: Le Toiny hotel (fish and grills)


Corrosol beach

Corossol beach

Located in the small village of Corossol, the beach of the same name is mostly frequented by locals. Authentic and full of charm, the Anse Corossol is ideal for swimming, and is suitable for mooring small sailboats.


Nearby restaurants: Au Régal (snack, bar)



You now have the list of the best beaches of the island of St Barts. To discover them, Luxury Ones offers you to rent its splendid luxury villas vacation rentals located everywhere on the island. Within a few minutes by foot or by car, you will reach the main sites to visit. And for a tailor-made stay in Saint-Barths, our concierge Celia will be at your disposal.